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Is It Time To Upgrade Your Commercial Fencing?

Commercial fencing differs from residential fencing in a few ways, mainly by being taller and more durable in design. Designed to be more functional and protective in design in general than a residential fence is, commercial fencing should last a long time without having to be replaced. Still, no fencing lasts forever, and if a commercial fence starts to wear out, it's time to replace the unit.

Here are signs it's time to replace or upgrade your commercial fencing. Whether your fencing is worn out or your fencing needs have simply changed, use this guide to help you determine if it's time to replace your commercial fencing to a better upgrade.

1. You've added onto your facility

While classic chain link commercial fencing with barbed or razor wire may work for your facility as it stands, it may not stand up to your building's needs if you have recently added onto your facility. You may need to upgrade your fencing to a more solid fencing design if you have special units or storage rooms added to your building to increase safety and the overall appeal of your building.

2. Your current fence is in need of repairs

Over time, even the most durable fence will show signs of wear. Sagging, holes, loose posts, sagging or misaligned gates, and other classic signs of fence wear can all be signs your commercial fencing needs to be upgraded. If ample repairs are needed, it's often in your best interest to replace the fencing than it is to invest in the current fencing, particularly if the fence is older in general.

Your contractor will let you know if your fence needs to be replaced with a new design. Solid steel, commercial chain link, aluminum, or other fencing designs can be incorporated into your commercial fencing to meet your needs and budget best.

3. Your current fencing is taking away from curb appeal

If your current fence is rusted, aged, faded, or has lots of dings and dents, then it's best to replace the fencing with fresh materials to help improve the curb appeal of your building. Replacing the fencing is especially necessary if you have recently upgraded your building's exterior or added onto the landscape since improving the fence makes the other improvements stand out even more positively.

Your fencing contractor will give you a quote for commercial fencing. Ask for quotes regarding various materials for fencing to give you the best idea of what to expect from your fencing project.