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Chain-Link Fencing Is Designed For Easy Installations, So Why Have A Professional Fit It?

Of all the low-cost fencing options available today, chain-link fences are often considered to be the easiest of all to install. After all, chain-link fencing doesn't come supplied in panels but is sold on reels instead. This means that you simply have to unroll it to being the installation process. However, it is often a good idea to turn to a fence installation contractor when it comes to chain-link fences. Why? Read on to find out more about the benefits of using the services of a fence installation contractor when fitting a chain-link fence to your property.

Avoid Labor-Intensive Work

To begin with, fitting a chain-link fence may be easier than panel fences or security fencing, but it still requires a lot of labor. For one thing, even though the chain-links themselves are pre-made so all you need to do is attach them to your fenceposts, the posts still need to be installed by hand. This means digging down into the ground and lowering each fencepost or pole manually. Ensuring you have applied enough concrete foundation to each post is also something you'll need to do even before you can begin attaching your chain-link reel or placing it under tension. On the other hand, turning to a fence installation contractor will mean you won't have to do any of this hard, outdoor work.

Fencing Expertise

Unless you have installed lots of fences in the past, the chances are that you won't be aware of all the problems that can occur when fitting a chain link fence. Insufficiently strong posts and poles, for example, can bend when you attach your chain links to them. In turn, this can create an unsightly installation that a professional fence installation contractor would never produce. Dealing with undulating ground is another common problem that may leave your fence with undesirable access holes at the bottom. There again, you might suffer from rocky ground which can make setting out your fenceposts much harder. Contractors should have the knowledge, and the tools, to overcome all of these unforeseen issues, of course.


Often, a good fence installation contractor will be able to fit your new chain-link fence for you at a lower price than you might have thought. If you've paid a fencing specialist for other types of fence installations in the past, then bear in mind that the simpler installation method associated with chain-link fencing means that the job will often be quoted for at a lower price than would be the case for other types of fence. Indeed, some installers can supply the fencing you need at a lower cost than you'd be able to buy it yourself.

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