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Signs You Should Repair Your Wooden Fence

Many homeowners would like a wooden picket fence for their backyard. This is an excellent fencing option for enclosing your space. However, wooden fences get worn out over time and need to be repaired. The following signs should prompt you to call a wood fence repair contractor.

Unstable Posts

Over time, the posts of a wooden fence start to bend, sag, or warp. If the post becomes loose, you should address the problem before the whole fence collapses. These posts are secured by concrete footing, which can also crumble with time.

Shake your wooden fence's posts. If the posts aren't firm, call a professional to re-secure or replace them. Sometimes the problem is with the concrete footing. In this case, the wooden fence expert will pour new concrete to secure the post in place.

The Fence Starts to Rot

Another sign you need to repair your fence is if you notice rotting wood. This can occur when the wood is damaged by weathering, like snow, rain, or sprinkler water. When the protective coating on wood fades off, it is more likely to get wet and rot. You can fix this by replacing all the affected areas of the fence.

Signs of Pests

If you notice pests around your wood fence, you should be alarmed. For example, termites like to nibble on wood. Over time, your wooden fence will crumble after losing its structural integrity. Some signs of termite damage include swelling of the wood and visible passages where the termites travel.

Additionally, you should watch out for spots where the fence starts to buckle. Mildew and mold odors are also signs of pest damage. If a pest infestation isn't dealt with quickly, you will have to replace your wood fence.

Loose Fasteners

Your wooden fence is held in place with nails or screws. These fasteners typically lose grip within the fencing. If you notice any signs of loose fasteners, call your fence contractor. Your fencing contractor will make new holes and secure the nails or screws in place. When choosing between nails or screws, it is better to go with screws because they are more durable.

Peeling or Chipped Paint

The color of paint on a wooden fence reflects your personality and affects the aesthetics of your yard. Paint protects wood from wear and tear. If the paint starts to peel or chip away from the wood, the timber becomes vulnerable to different elements and presents a poor impression to your neighbors and passers-by.

Call a service technician to remove the old, peeling paint of the wood and reapply a new coat. You should insist that your technician adds sealant to preserve the paint for a long time. 

If you need to repair your fence, contact a local fence company.