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How Wrought Iron Fencing Can Give Your Home Security and Curb Appeal

If you want to ensure your home's safety, it may be a good idea to invest in good fencing. Today, there are several options for the types of fencing that can be installed. Wrought iron is one of the best options to consider for the new fence you can install because it is durable, attractive, and secure. The following guide will help you choose the best design to add security fencing to your property:

Choosing the Style

You want to consider the style of the wrought iron fence you are going to have installed for your property. Some of the different options for the iron fence styles include:

  • Traditional straight vertical pickets
  • Horizontal iron fence design
  • Custom-fabricated ornamental designs

These are some of the different options for wrought iron fencing styles that you can have installed. Today, the ornamental fencing can be generic mass-produced materials, or you can have a wrought iron fencing service custom-fabricate the fence sections. The mass-produced fences are more affordable, but fabrication of the wrought iron gives you more options for a custom fence design.

Adding Decorative Security Features

Decorative features can also add to the design of your fence. The decorations that finish the top of the fence are spike-like ornaments that deter people from climbing over it. These pieces of the fence design are called finials. These details are attractive, but they also add a good security feature to your fence. There are all sorts of options to add decorative finials to improve your fence and entrance gate's security with attractive features. The front sections of the fence can have more attractive finials, and standard finials can be used for longer fencing sections.

Custom Improvements for Iron Fence Privacy

There are also a lot of custom improvements that can be done to give your fence privacy. Some of the privacy features you may want to add to your wrought iron fence include:

  • Wood inserts
  • Ornamental metalwork details
  • Thin metal plate privacy inserts

These are some of the privacy features that you may want to have added to the design of your wrought iron fence. There are various options for privacy inserts that can be installed between the pickets to give your property more privacy. This is a great option for areas of your property at roadways.

The wrought iron fence you have installed can have a lot of custom features to enhance your property. Contact a wrought iron fencing service to discuss some of these options for the fence you have installed.