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4 Ways To Help Improve Fence Privacy

Fences can serve many different purposes, from keeping out criminals to keeping in pets. If you live in a highly populated area or near a busy road, you may have concerns about privacy as well. Fortunately, fences are a big help in ensuring privacy. Choosing specialized fences or adding modifications can help increase privacy even more. Here are a few ways to help improve the privacy-bestowing properties of your fence.

1. Higher, more solid fence panels

A wire fence is easy to see through, and a short fence is easy to see over. So if you're looking for privacy, choose solid fence panels with very few or very small gaps (or no gaps at all), and choose a tall fence that will be more difficult to see over. If you already have a solid fence but want to make it taller to improve privacy, your fence contractor may also be able to simply install fence topper panels to make your fence taller.

2. Earth Berms

Earth berms are long, relatively narrow mounds of earth that can be several feet tall. They can be used to add interest in landscaping, block traffic noise, and improve privacy, among other purposes. Since the earth material used in a berm is totally opaque and sound doesn't travel through mounds of earth either, berms can be a great way to help increase privacy in your yard. One method is to create berms first and then place fencing at the top of the berm to increase the effective fence height.

3. Soundproof fencing

Although they may more often be used to deaden sound from outside your yard (such as the sound of a busy road), soundproof fences can block sounds in both directions. This can help to give you more privacy by making it less likely for neighbors to accidentally hear your private conversations in your yard.

4. Added greenery

Although a little greenery may not provide as much sound deadening as a soundproof fence panel, plants can absorb sound to some degree (and often provide a sound-blocking rustling sound whenever there's a breeze). So having vines growing up the fence, bushes nearby, or even very tall flowers such as sunflowers planted along your fence may not just look great. These features may also help with both visual and aural privacy.

These are just a few ways that you can modify or alter your fence to help improve the amount of privacy it provides. A fence contractor can help you plan or execute these fence-related modifications and install any new fences you may need to add privacy to your yard.