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Get The Right Fence Installed When Living In A Community With An HOA

Having fencing installed can be tricky when you're living in a community with an HOA. Instead of being frustrated over a lot of restrictions making it difficult to get the fencing that you want or need, it's best to get started by seeing what your options are for fencing and what's going to fit right into your home, as your HOA permits.

Ask for Detailed Guidelines

If you're just beginning to plan to get fencing installed, it's best to see whether there are some detailed guidelines that you should be following. In many cases, the HOA managers can provide you with a list of requirements for the height of the fence you're permitted to have, as well as the material used and the appearance.

With detailed guidelines to follow, you won't run into any issues over the fence not meeting the rules that the community could have. Discussing these guidelines with the fencing contractor can also help make sure that avoidable mistakes won't occur.

Check If You Need a Permit

While you may believe that all you'll need to do to get new fencing installed is purchase the fence and hire someone to install it, it's important to check whether a permit will also be necessary. In many cases, a permit could be required, and it could affect the scheduling for having the fence installed.

Since the permit will likely need to be discussed with the fencing contractor and include all the specifics of the fencing you're installing, you'll need to go over this step and make sure that the fencing is going to be allowed for your property.

Find Fencing That Suits the Home

As you get ready to have fencing installed, you'll need to see all the different styles and what will fit in best with your home. From the height of the fence and the color, to how it fits in with other details of your home, you want to have fencing installed that will suit your home and improve the curb appeal.

With the intention to have new fencing installed, it's best to be patient and see what you can expect from your fence options. By considering the above tips, you'll be able to feel good about getting fencing installed without running into any issues with the HOA that your home is a part of. For more information about residential fence installation, contact a local fence contractor.