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Building A Picket Fence Along Uneven Land? Know What To Do

Most of the time, when building a decorative picket fence, it is installed on land that is perfectly flat so that the fence looks perfect when it is finished. However, having uneven land can raise some questions about how you install this fence in a way that still looks good. Here is what you need to know about building a picket fence on uneven land.

Keep An Even Top Line

If you have terrain that has slight variances, you may opt to have a fence installed that has an even top line. This means that the fence will be installed in such a way that it is level based on the highest point of the terrain, but will leave a notable gap along the bottom. This may be fine for homeowners that do not have big hills on their land and only want the fence to be decorative since you can fill in the small gaps by building up the soil. If not, it may not be the best idea for containing pets in your yard.

Use A Stair Step Pattern

If the variance in elevation is drastic, another option is to use a stair-step pattern. This is commonly used when installing a fence with premade fence panels that are a set width. You would essentially offset each panel along the fence line so that it is as low as can be to the ground, which will create a top line that resembles stair steps. You can always close the smaller gaps by building up the soil beneath the fence since gaps will exist.

Create A Custom Fence

The best option may be to hire a fencing contractor to install a custom fence across the uneven land. This allows each individual fence board to be cut to a custom length that matches your uneven terrain, which gives you the best solution to your problem. You can follow the terrain to minimize the gaps, but retain an even top line that makes your picket fence look visually appealing. 

One thing to keep in mind is when installing this type of fence are the laws you may have in your city regarding fences. It's possible that you are restricted to a fence that is 6 or 8 feet fall, and matching the terrain is going to cause some sections of the fence to go above that height. Make sure you submit for a permit and have your fence plan approved before you start to ensure that you don't have to modify the fence after it is installed. 

For more information about picket fences, contact a local fence contractor.