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Get the Most Protection by Adding a Front Yard Fence With These Qualities

Protecting your house and family is a goal that you can accomplish in many ways. When it comes to fencing, you will find that a backyard fence is a great way to get reliable security. However, you should not underestimate how much of an impact you can make by adding a front yard fence.

If you want to add a front yard fence and feel confident that you are maximizing security, you should make sure to consider certain details before committing to the installation.


Installing a gate that grants access to the pathway leading to your front door is an ideal feature to add to increase security. Without a gate, you would need to leave a gap to make it possible to reach the front door without climbing over the fence. A simple gate is more than enough to provide security because it creates a solid barrier between the sidewalk and your property.


When you look at front yard fences in most neighborhoods, you will find that they stop at a certain height due to restrictions. This is valuable information that you can learn from a fencing contractor, which should then help you decide on the height for your own front yard fence.

Going with the maximum height is a smart plan because it will provide your family with the most security. By picking pointed picket tops, you can rely on getting even more security from this addition because it will come with a risk of injury when trying to climb or jump over the fence.


The material that you choose for your fence is an important decision because it will determine some of the pros and cons of this new feature. In most cases, you will find that wood is a great option because you can pick from different woods depending on what you want to achieve.

When you inform a fencing contractor that you want to maximize protection for your family, you can rely on them picking wood that is known for its strength and durability. Even if you are not able to fit the strongest wood into your budget, you can get help with finding the toughest wood that fits into your price range when you work alongside fencing professionals for installation.

If you are looking to add a front yard fence for security purposes, you should take your time with choosing features and details to maximize your satisfaction. For more information, reach out to local fencing professionals like York Fence Co