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Five Reasons To Consider An Aluminum Fence

A fence enhances your yard while helping to keep your family and property safe. If you are looking at your fencing options, why not consider an aluminum fence for your home? The following are just a few reasons why these fences can be the perfect addition to your yard.

1. Cost-Effective

Aluminum fences are a cost-effective fencing solution. They mimic the look of more expensive steel and wrought iron but at a major cost-saving. Further, since the fences are installed in segments instead of being custom-built as a wood fence would be, even the installation cost can be much less compared to other fence options.

2. Low Maintenance

Unlike wood fences, which require regular sealing and painting, aluminum fences require no major maintenance. Even wrought iron, on which many aluminum fences are modeled, requires periodic rust removal and painting. Aluminum fences are powder coated with their finish so repainting isn't necessary. Further, aluminum rarely rusts or corrodes. Other than rinsing off dust or pollen with a hose, an aluminum fence is unlikely to require any maintenance. Moving parts, like gates, will also require periodic lubrication.

3. Damage Resistant

Rot and similar forms of damage won't affect your aluminum fence. It's also sturdy enough to withstand some trauma, such as from falling tree limbs, without suffering so much as a scratch or dent. Unlike vinyl or wood, which can be punctured or cracked by hail, an aluminum fence is likely to come through without any damage. Aluminum can be bent though, so it is important to keep trees and other landscaping trimmed back to help reduce the chances of trauma. Further, take care to protect the fence from mechanical damage, such as that caused by cars and lawn equipment.

4. Attractive

If you love the classic look of wrought iron fences, then aluminum is an alternative to consider. Aluminum fence designs range from those made to mimic the traditional scrollwork designs of wrought iron to ultra-modern affairs with clean lines. Decorative finials, picket styles, and even color options are available so that you can customize the fence to match your home's exterior and landscaping.

5. Secure

The strength of your aluminum fencing makes it a secure choice for your home. It can't be cut through or disassembled for easy entry. With the addition of spiked finials and extra height, it can also be almost impossible to climb over.

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