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Four Reasons To Consider A Vinyl Fence

When most people think of a fence, they think of a long set of wooden posts that are slightly different colors and may or may not be standing upright. They require a fresh coat of stain and sealant after installation and usually need to be repaired if a strong storm blows through. 

Unless, that is, your fence is vinyl.

Though not often considered when it comes to deciding what type of fencing to install, a vinyl fence makes a lot of sense for several different reasons, just a few which are outlined below. 

1. Affordability

By far, the most popular (and one of the cheapest) type of fence installation you can perform is wood. They can be mixed and matched in a variety of different patterns and are available just about everywhere.

But they also can erode over time, racking up huge maintenance bills in the process. Though more expensive to install, a vinyl fence requires zero upkeep and almost never needs replacing under normal circumstances, which makes it the ideal choice if your goal is to save costs in the long run rather than over the first couple of years.

2. Durability

Wood can rot, and metal can rust, but a vinyl fence looks almost the same today as it did twenty years ago when they first started appearing on the market. Unlike their aforementioned counterparts, they also stand up to the elements extremely well; neither rain, cold, or extreme heat make them weather prematurely. At most, the only thing you'll ever have to do to a vinyl fence is wipe it down with a rag if one of the kids colors on it with a crayon.

3. Simplicity

One of the main benefits of installing vinyl fences is they are extremely simple to install. Even an amateur DIYer can perform a vinyl fence installation over a single weekend if they have the right tools, so there's almost no barrier to entry. Even if one of the rails does pop off for whatever reason, they can usually be snapped back into place by the homeowner within minutes.

4. Beauty

If it seems weird to call fencing "beautiful," take a look at all the different configurations you can make with a vinyl fence. Whether you're looking for something understated and close to the ground, or something tall and elaborate, there is a vinyl fence out there for you! One you won't be shy about admiring yourself and showing off to your friends for years to come.

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