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6 Reasons Chain Link Fencing Is Still a Good Choice

If you've been shopping for a new fence, you've likely learned about newer fencing materials, such as vinyl and aluminum. While these fencing choices certainly have their merits, one traditional fencing material—chain link fencing—still has a lot to offer. This type of fencing is affordable and easy-to-install. However, these are just a few of the many benefits of chain link fencing.

1. Affordability. Chain link fencing is one of the most affordable types of fencing on the market—much less expensive than composite, aluminum, wrought iron, or vinyl. The average chain link fence will cost around $7–$12 per linear foot. 

2. Versatility. This type of fencing adapts well to a variety of tastes and styles. By using colored or even wood slats, you can customize your chain link fence, make it more of a privacy fence and make it more aesthetically-pleasing.

3. Security. Chain link fencing offers a good deal of security. It can contain your dog and children as well as keep your yard safe from vandals and thieves. A tall chain link fence is difficult to scale, especially when you add pointed finials to the top of the posts. In addition, since you can see through these fences, vandals and thieves can't linger on the other side of the fence without being seen and you can keep an eye on your pets and kids.

4. Easy installation. This type of fencing is easy to install and fencing installers can have most chain link fences put up after a week or less.

5. Easy to maintain. Another major benefit of chain link fencing is how easy it is to maintain. Chain link doesn't need to be painted or stained periodically, like wooden fencing does. All you really have to do is spray down the fencing with a hose every week or so to keep it free of debris and cobwebs.

6. Durability. Chain link fencing is very durable. The average fence, properly installed, can be expected to last for decades. Chain link fencing is also resistant to severe weather and won't be attacked by insects, moisture, or mold.

While chain link fencing is the right choice for every home or business owner, this type of fencing is kind to your budget, adapts to most any taste or architectural style and is easy to maintain and install. For more information about your fencing options, contact local companies such as Security Fence.