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Benefits Of Choosing A Stone-Vinyl Fence

Stone fences can be visually appealing, but they also have their drawbacks. If you like the look of a stone fence but want to choose something that is more affordable, a stone-vinyl fence may be something that catches your eye. This type of fence definitely looks like natural stone, even from a short distance away, but is entirely synthetic. Stone-vinyl fences can be useful in a variety of applications, including in your yard. If you're leaning toward speaking to a local fencing professional about a stone-vinyl fence, here are some benefits to keep in mind.

It Can Match With Your House

If you have natural stone on the exterior of your house, you'll often have the ability to choose a stone-vinyl fence that is a close match in appearance. You'll appreciate how the fence can visually tie in with your home in a way that a wooden fence typically cannot. Stone-vinyl fences are available in many different designs, so you shouldn't have trouble finding a product that has a similar color and stone shape to the stones on your residence.

It Provides Extreme Privacy

Most types of fences provide some degree of privacy, but there are some that are simply better than others. A wooden fence provides a fairly solid barrier around your property, but the narrow gaps between the individual planks can make it possible to see into your yard from outside. This isn't a worry that you'll encounter with a stone-vinyl fence. Because each panel of the fence is a completely solid structure, it's essentially impossible for someone to stand outside of the fence and see through it into your yard. If you're someone who is extremely private, this may be the type of fence for you.

It Retains Its Original Appearance

Another important factor that may steer you toward choosing a stone-vinyl fence for your property is that it will retain its original appearance for a prolonged period of time. This fencing material is highly resilient. Whereas moss can grow on a wooden fence and expedite rot, this isn't a worry with a stone vinyl fence. Additionally, other fencing materials can sometimes fade in the sun, but stone-vinyl fences are often UV resistant. Years from now, your stone-vinyl fence will have the same color that it had on the day that you had it built. A quick, occasional cleaning with a pressure washer is all that you'll need to do to keep the fence looking its best.

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