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Be a Good Neighbor: 3 Fencing Principals to Follow

Are you a bad neighbor? If you aren't following some important fencing principals, you could be. Whether you have plans to install a new fence or you have an existing fence, learn how you can be a better neighbor.

Give Notice

It's technically your property and you are free to do whatever you want, but a part of being a good neighbor is being considerate. If you have plans to construct a new fence, you should speak with your neighbors to discuss your plans as a common courtesy. This step is not necessarily important for approval, but it does help you avoid any future legal hassles. 

For example, if the fence extends even an inch over your property line, your neighbor could sue and force you to remove the fence. A quick conversation will help you determine if you will have any future problems and whether or not you need to recheck your property lines. 

Maintain the Fence

You must make a commitment to keep the fence looking good. If you don't, your neighbors will be anything but excited. If you have a wood fence, regular maintenance consists of having the wood re-stained every few years, having damaged panels replaced, and keeping the fence clean. 

If you have an iron fence, the process involves cleaning the fence and having a protective coating applied to the fence to reduce the risk of rust. Keep in mind; poor fence maintenance doesn't just upset your neighbors; it also makes your property look bad. It's also worth noting that if your home is governed by a homeowner's association, a lack of fence maintenance can lead to a penalty. 

Show the Good Side

If you plan to construct a new fence, have it installed so that the good side of the fence is facing your neighbors. The inside of the fence that shows the support beams and other structural features should face your yard. Again, this step is not a requirement, but it's a courtesy you can extend.

However, not only will this step make your neighbors happier, but it will also improve your home's curb appeal, as the outside of the fence looks a lot more attractive from the street than the inside of the fence does. If you don't plan to have a wood fence installed, you do not have to worry about this step. 

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