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Adopted a New Large Dog? Install a Fence and Electric Gate to Keep Them in Your Yard

If you just purchased a new large dog and they go into your backyard, you need to be careful. This is because large dogs can easily get out. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to prevent your dog from getting out. One of which is installing a good fence and electric gate opener.

Chain Link Fence

When it comes to fences you have many options to choose from. One thing to consider is the height of the fence. You want it to be tall enough so your dog could not jump over it. Your dog may also dig under a fence so you need to ensure it is deep enough so they could not do this.

When it comes to fences, a chain-link fence would work well. These fences are often less expensive than other types and they are strong enough to prevent a dog from escaping. You can choose how large you want the openings to be in the fence. These fences also come in different colors or you could paint the fence to your liking. You could also put barriers on the fence, which will cover the fence so your dog cannot see out of it. This can be beneficial as seeing people, cars, animals, etc., may make your dog try to get out. 

Electric Gate

The gate is something else to consider as if not installed correctly some dogs can open gates. If you're worried about your dog opening the gate, choose an electric gate. Electric gates can also be beneficial for you because they can provide you with additional security since someone could not easily get through the gate. You can deter your dog from escaping or from intruders getting in because you have to enter a code for the gate to open. 

There are a variety of electric gates available. One is a swing gate that swings outward. There is also a sliding gate, which is beneficial if you do not have enough room for a gate to swing open. Some gates run on a battery and electric gates that use a remote or automatic sensor. These gates open automatically when someone drives up to the gate. Because of this, you need to consider how much protection you need. You can find electric gates in a variety of sizes, such as wide enough to place at the end of your driveway. 

Talk with a fence contractor to learn more about electric gate openers.